Our aggressive staff of seasoned industry experts is determined to minimize each client's litigation costs by following time-proven procedures that have resulted in success. We work hard to implement a litigation management plan that will control litigation costs without compromising case results. The procedures listed below were developed to assist our claims personnel in the management of lawsuits served on our clients.

Selection of Counsel

Depending on the expertise required for each case, in addition to geographic location, William Kramer & Associates works with its clients to choose the most appropriate counsel. Counsel's hourly rate will be agreed upon by the client prior to assignment of the case.


In many cases, referral to defense counsel is unnecessary. We review each case to determine the plausibility of resolving the case directly with the plaintiff/plaintiff's attorney without involvement of counsel.

When an extension is believed to be beneficial, client approval is obtained. Then, we obtain a 45 - 60 day extension or an open extension.

Assignment of Case

Depending upon the severity or complexity of the loss, litigation matters are handled by adjusters or litigation managers. The internal assignments are made by the Litigation Manager.

The adjuster assigned to the case prepares a detailed referral letter and presents it to the Litigation Manager with the original file copies, ready to mail. The following topics are covered in the referral letter:

  • Summary of the incident

  • Summary of the plaintiff's damages/injuries

  • Adjuster's assessment of liability

  • Adjuster's case objectives

WKA’s litigation staff can handle voluntary arbitration, mediation and informal conferencing.

Acknowledgement of Case

An acknowledgment of the referral letter from the managing attorney shall be returned to William Kramer & Associates within seven days of receipt of assignment. The letter should advise which lawyer within the firm has been assigned the case.

Initial Evaluation Report

 Within 45 days of receipt of assignment, the handling attorney must provide William Kramer & Associates with an initial evaluation report.

Mandatory Status Reports

Status reports are necessary every 90 days. Counsel should only report new developments, which have occurred within the current reporting period. It is not necessary to repeat the case facts or information, which has been previously reported.

The 90-day reporting diary can be extended by exception if the attorney so notifies WKA. Likewise, the 90-day reporting period should be shortened as dictated by case activity. All reports must be copied to the client.

Pre-Trial Report

60 days prior to the scheduled commencement of a trial, a Pre-Trial Report must be completed and sent to WKA and the client.

Voluntary Settlement Conference/Alternative Dispute Services

Our litigation staff is familiar with and equipped to handle matters, which are suited for voluntary arbitration, mediation or informal conferencing. When appropriate, we recommend that cases be submitted for informal resolution.

Mandatory Settlement Conferences

Our personnel will attend all Mandatory Settlement Conferences. Counsel is expected to provide William Kramer & Associates with a copy of the Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement in advance of the conference.

Settlement Authority

Counsel has no settlement authority. All settlement authority must be obtained from William Kramer & Associates or the client. The negotiation of settlement will be discussed between counsel and William Kramer & Associates to determine who might be best suited for the task.


Written releases and dismissals will be obtained on all cases. These documents will be signed by the plaintiff. Whenever practical, William Kramer & Associates will undertake this task. Specialized wording will be added, as principal requires.

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